GoT: Winterfell & A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms (Spoilers)

I’m going to put this out here as a short combo post that kinda talks about the first two episodes together. I wanted to get it out sooner but to no avail. My later posts will come after each episode as they’ll be much more insane and a bit longer as well.

Part of the reason for this is because these two episodes felt like they were about 40% catch up for those that were pulled in by the hype and just started watching, 10% reminder for the rest of us, and another 48% was calm before the storm. That last 2% I’m reserving for the nightmare pin-wheel Fire-child because holy shit that was just insane.


These episodes were basically saying, “Look at all these people you’ve been following for so long! Don’t you love them? Aren’t you invested in them? Here’s all the reasons you love them and/or are invested in them so we can destroy you emotionally later.”

Part of me kinda wants another one so we can spend a little more time with them before it all goes down but I know I’m not going to get that. These episodes were about transitions. For the characters, for the kingdoms, and for Westeros itself.

Winter is here and it’s time to enter the fray.

The highlight for me in Winterfel was definitely John Bradley’s acting during his scene with Daenerys and Jorah. It was incredibly moving and convincing. No dialogue needed.


In A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms   I have to turn to the room from which the episode gets its name. That whole set of scenes with the group around the fire was incredible as well as slightly foreboding. Breinne’s knighting was fantastic. I’m glad she got it but terrified of what it’ll mean.


And I can’t help but think that had Tyrion not overfilled Pod’s cup, we’d never had that fantastic song.


The entire episode was full of too much good. So much bad shit is going to happen.

Ill be back next week to geek out about whatever emotional wreckage follows.  Hopefully everyone gets to SAFETY IN THE CRYPTS, WHERE ALL THE DEAD STARKS ARE, BEFORE BEING ATTACKED BY AN ARMY OF RISEN DEAD!

What the shit? 



Also, can somebody just stay with Bran? Like assign a dude to wheel him around? Quit leaving him in places.