GoT: The Long Night (Spoilers)

Holy. Shit.

Okay. At first, I was like, “What the fuck? We barely lost any of them!” Then I was like, “Damn. The few that we did lose were freaking rough.” And then I was like, “Wait… we lost almost all the blood riders and unsullied!!!!!”

So despite not loosing too many main characters, we lost a lot.

I tried to figure out which of the deaths hit me the hardest but I don’t feel as though I can. I probably cried hardest at Theon, Jorah, and Lyanna but the whole episode had me twisted into a giant ball of emotional compromise so take that as you will. They were all really well earned both character and story-wise and it would feel like a disservice to any of them if I chose one over the others. However, I would like to say, fuck Melisandre. Not that she didn’t serve her purpose but, I’m good with that. In Shireen Baratheon’s name, we pray.

I also want to point out the excellent way in which this episode conveyed a lot without much dialogue. There was a great deal of subtly in this episode. The look on Jorah’s face when he rode back to the front lines early on hit me hard.

The whole battle preparation in the early part of the episode felt very anti-Helms Deep. There’s no positive speeches or hopeful glares of bravery. Every single person on screen is rightfully and woefully terrified.

The battle itself gave us some great freaking moments and I’m really stoked for next week although I fear that what I’m assuming is the real battle may yet claim a great many of our favorite characters' lives.

I think the highlight for me was one of the more subtle things that were done in this episode and it’s more character related. We’ve been with these characters for a decade now. In The Long Night, we saw them in absolute terror and desperation. This wasn’t them at their fighting best. It was them at their most desperate and terrifyingly under-equipped. There was screaming and spitting and crying. All I could think was how glad I am that it was that way. I wouldn’t have totally cared or noticed if they all had on their brave faces and were sword dancing upon the corpses of their enemies or what have you, but I’m fully aware of the honesty in the way they were all portrayed. One of the biggest part of that for me was seeing how terrified Grey Worm was. My man was broken.

Also, Arya because of reasons.

I know there’s a lot of jokes about Bran this episode but I fully expect that where he went will be fully explained. I’m stoked about that.

That’s all the GoT geeking out I have for this week. I’ve done too much damage to my heart last week between watching The Long Night on Sunday and then watching Endgame on Monday night.

Still working through that rollercoaster of a write-up. I’m stoked for next week.