GoT: The Iron Throne (Spoilers)


Okay. So. I was holding off on this to let it sink in but then the maw of the internet opened and spewed forth in anger and I just kind of decided I didn’t want to. Then I forgot about it.

So I just want to say that, in the end, I was more upset by the response to the finale than the actual finale itself.

Was it perfect? It wasn’t.

Could it have been worse? Abso-fucking-lutely.

This was never going to be perfect. There was a lot missing. But in the end, it is what it is. A show. And I’ve seen a lot of great shows end worse.

One of the things that struck me the most was when Drogon melted the Throne. I feel like it was clearly him destroying the source of all his loss. His mother. His sibling. All that death for a chair. Did he want to kill John? Probably. But he’s the Targaryen so he won’t. Drogon solved the larger problem and did the thing no human would and removed the object at the center of all of it.

I feel like that was the strongest moment for me and I don’t think a lot of folks understood the meaning behind it.

As for where everyone ended up. For the most part, it all makes sense to me but I think we needed more time with the story for the logic to be built up. But that’s been an issue with all of season eight. The run time was just too short. Who’s fault that is, I honestly don’t care at this point. It went out on its own terms.

Hopefully, in hindsight, this will serve as a lesson for the shows that come next.

I’m personally stoked as fuck for the Witcher.