About Me


I've been writing for twenty-five years. I spent about twelve of those years building a large, shared universe within which I wrote multiple works ranging in size, type, and degree of completion. Over the years they became more and more complex and unnecessarily dependent on each other. A few years ago I took a step back, put them in the trunk, and started work on a smaller, more intimate novel about struggling to find a place and making a mark. 

The thematic elements and parallels just kind of took care of themselves. Through it I've learned a lot about myself as a writer, as well as, how better to approach my universe in a simpler, and more organic, way.

But anyway, I have a blog thing, Stuff & Things, that I use to talk about other stuff like books, music, movies and shows. Not totally reviews as much as me geeking out over cool shit. This is a new site, and while it's still very much in progress, I'm kind of starting from scratch here.